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Financial Specialist 1

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Financial Specialist 2

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1.  Description of Logical and Gradual Changes:*

The incumbent of this position has worked in the Computer Aided Engineering Center as a Fiscal Clerk 2 since 1991.  This position was responsible for purchasing supplies and equipment, administering the budget, processing personnel forms and maintaining computer database systems. In addition to purchasing and budgetary activities, this position served as the departmental contact for payroll services, personnel and benefits information.

In 1994, this position was reallocated to the Financial Specialist 1 classification.  At that time the position had begun to increase in the level of responsibilities.  The type of duties performed remained the same; however, there were changes and additions to the level of duties.  In addition to preparing the office budget, the incumbent was expected to anticipate expenses, process budget transfers and reconcile and monitor budget accounts.  The incumbent spent less time processing personnel related paperwork and more time working with the Center’s budget.  The duties performed by this position have continued to increase in scope and depth.  This position is now independently responsible for managing all financial transactions for Computer Aided Engineering.  This position sets up of internal and external blanket orders, manages their balances, authorizes and creates purchase requisitions and serves as department liaison on purchasing, accounts receivable and accounts payable matters.  This position developed both logically and gradually in the area of record maintenance.  Whereas the position primarily monitored computer database systems and generated reports in the past, the duties have since increased in the level of responsibility and the scope of tasks performed.  This position is responsible for independently developing computer database systems, maintaining them and analyzing the information produced.  The position has delegated signature authority for department charges and funding source assignments and manages all charge back activities for Computer Aided Engineering.

2.  Class Specification Language/Allocation Pattern Appropriate to Request:

The State of Wisconsin specification for Financial Specialist 2 states:  “This is the objective level for positions which process or preaudit invoices, travel and contingent vouchers, or other standard financial transactions; and/or maintain accounts payable and accounts receivable or other financial transaction records on automated systems for an agency's programs and operations in accordance with the financial rules and regulations for a limited combination of General Program Revenue (GPR), Program Revenue (PRO - program revenue generated from the sale of services or goods), Segregated (SEG - generated from fees for services) or Federal (FED) funding sources. Positions at this level may have the authority to perform the preceding duties on a delegated basis. Positions at this level require demonstrated knowledge of the financial regulations for some funding sources, such as GPR, PRO, SEG or FED funding sources; require knowledge of some simple cost distribution patterns; reference a larger number of preaudit programs; and are responsible for some cost centers or the processing of fiscal transactions which have been decentralized within the agency to its divisions, institutions, or campuses. Positions at this level typically function in a centralized environment with a small number of stable appropriations and/or program funding sources. Positions at this level gather information for reporting purposes and apply rules and regulations to routine financial transactions. Work is focused on processing or auditing transactions. Campus positions frequently direct the work of students and LTE's. Work is performed under general supervision.”

3.  Summary:

This position has delegated authority to act on behalf of the department for all fiscal and budget related aspects of the department.  This position develops reports, interprets and applies rules and regulations and is responsible for processing a variety of fiscal transactions.  The changes that have occurred to this position have been logical and gradual and the incumbent has increasingly been performing higher-level financial specialist activities in the Computer Aided Engineering department.  This position compares favorably to the Financial Specialist 2 class specifications and should be reclassified at this time.

4.  Positions Used as Comparisons (Name/Class/Unit/Brief Description), if applicable:

Linda Marks/Financial Specialist 2/College of Engineering/Center for NanoTechnology: Processes all fiscal activities for the Center; provides payroll and benefits functions for new, existing and terminating employees; serves as staff benefits coordinator for the center; maintains property control for the Center.

Donna J. Rush/Financial Specialist 2/College of Engineering/Materials Science & Engineering Department: Maintains accounting systems and records; assists with budgets controls; processes requisitions, invoices and travel expense forms; maintains departmental inventory; manages departmental charge back activities; train and supervise student hourly.

Linda Hudson/Financial Specialist 2/College of Engineering/Administration: Audits and processes travel expense transactions; audits and processes departmental requisitions and charge backs; serves as property control coordinator for office.

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1.                    Description of Logical and Gradual Changes

Include a brief summary of the former position’s duties and responsibilities.

Identify the changes that have impacted on the level of the position (include when, why and how the changes occurred).

Identify the position’s level of decision-making, discretion, independence of action, complexity, consequence of error, and impact on the unit or organization.

Logical changes – changes that are reasonably related to the previous duties or responsibilities of the position.

Gradual changes – if the duties that constitute the reason for the class level change was at least 26% of the position, the change to 51% of the total position is considered gradual.

*For those reclassifications that are identified as a progression within the specification, requestor only needs to identify how long the employee has been in the current classification (rule of thumb is approximately a year), whether the employee has attained the necessary training/experience, and if the supervisor agrees with the request.

 2.  Class Specification Language/Allocation Pattern Appropriate to Request


                Insert appropriate class specification language and allocation patterns, if appropriate.

3.  Summary:           

            Identify how the position now relates to the class specifications for the higher-level position.

4.                   Positions Used as Comparisons (Name/Class/Unit/Brief Description), if applicable

Identify other comparable positions performing similar duties.  Include the name of the employee(s),

classification, and employing unit, and brief description of duties and responsibilities.

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Receipt of Reclass Decision

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Submission Materials

  3 copies of the Reclass form (1- employee, 1- P-file, 1- central payroll)

  5 copies of the new Position Description, including Organization Chart, and Supervisory Analysis Form and/or Confidential Form, if applicable (1- DER, 1- PD file, 1- P-file, 1- employee, 1- employing unit)

  1 copy of the old Position Description (last official transaction PD)