Chapter 1

Types of Unclassified Appointments





The UW-Madison faculty consists of all persons with instructional, research and service responsibilities who hold the rank of professor, associate professor, assistant professor, or instructor with at least a one-half time appointment with UW-Madison, or a full- time appointment held jointly between UW-Madison and UW-Extension [Faculty Policies and Procedures (FPP), 1.02.A.]

Faculty Relationships

Tenure Appointments—"Tenure appointment" means an appointment for an unlimited period granted to a ranked faculty member by the Board of Regents upon the affirmative recommendation of the UW-Madison Chancellor, the dean, and academic department or its functional equivalent at the UW-Madison [§ 36.13(1)(b), Stats.].

Probationary Appointments—A "probationary appointment," made by the Board of Regents, is held by a faculty member during the period preceding a decision on a tenure appointment [§ 36.13(1)(a), Stats.].

Joint Governance—Joint governance allows a person who has a UW-Madison faculty appointment to participate in the governance of a department (in addition to the tenure- home department/s) without having a continuing commitment or tenure relationship with that department (please see Faculty Policies and Procedures (FPP) 5.13 for specific information).


Benefits, Classification, and Compensation

Benefits available to faculty are covered in the Staff Benefits Booklet.

Faculty titles and salary ranges are listed and explained in the Unclassified Title Guideline (UTG).

Salary Through a Non-University Employing Agency

In exceptional cases, an employe of a state or federal agency whose salary is not paid by the University but who is otherwise qualified for membership in the faculty may be appointed to the faculty with the instructional, research and service responsibilities of a tenured or tenure track member. Such appointments require the affirmative recommendation of the concerned department(s) and dean(s), the approval of the University Committee, and must otherwise comply with the regulations in Chapter 7 of the FPP. Such appointments convey full membership in the University faculty but do not obligate the University for salary in the event of a change in the relationship between the faculty member and the employing agency or between the employing agency and the University [FPP 1.02.B.].


For more detailed and specific information about faculty appointments, please consult the FPP, UWS 3-8, UTG, § 36, Stats.