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HR Memos

Historic HR Memos

Memo Date Author Subject
2014 Memos

December 1, 2014

Carla Raatz

Mark Walters

Compensatory Time Policy

Revised UWS Compensatory Time Policy and End-Of-Year Processing

June 27, 2014 Steve Lund 2014-15 TA/PA Salary Rates
2013 Memos
December 10, 2013 Mark Walters Inclement Weather Guidelines
December 10, 2013 Mark Walters Translated Inclement Weather Guidelines
November 14, 2013 Paul M. DeLuca, Jr.
Darrell Bazell
Critical Compensation Fund Memo
August 30, 2013 Darrell Bazzell DMC DERA Implementation Memo
DERA Policy and Instructions
DMC Policy and Instructions
DERA-DMC Eligibility Chart
March 7, 2013 Patrick Sheehan/Steve Lund Open Book Wisconsin
2012 Memos
July 24, 2012 Tim Norris/Bob Lavigna Critical Compensation Fund Deadline Memo
    Compensation Fund FAQs for Employeees
    Compensation Fund FAQs for Administrators
June 12, 2012 Paul M. DeLuca Critical Compensation Fund Memo
    Critical Compensation Fund Policy
March 16, 2012 Darrell Bazzell DMC Implementation Memo
    DMC Policy and Instructions
2011 Memos
September 12, 2011 Megan Jeffers Submitting Unclassified Tuition Reimbursement Requests
August 24, 2011 Eden Inoway-Ronnie Sexual Harrassment, Sexual Assault Reporting, and Consensual Relationship Policies
July 15, 2011 Megan Jeffers New WRS Eligibility Rules
July 11, 2011 Bob Lavigna Clarifications--Impact of Biennial Budget and Budget Repair Bills on Benefits and Collective Bargaining
July 5, 2011 Bob Lavigna Impact of Budget and Budget Repair Bills in Benefits and Collective Bargaining
June 10, 2011 Megan Jeffers Paid Leave Updates
June 9, 2011 Bob Lavigna Update on Conversion of Sick Leave to Pay for Health Insurance After Retirement
May 24, 2011 Steve Lund Distinguished Prefix Information
May 19, 2011 Bob Lavigna Rehired Annuitants
- ETF Bulletin
May 12, 2011 Steve Lund Delegations of Approval Processes from UW System
April 14, 2011 Walters and
- JEMS Support Team Questions
March 21, 2011 Walters and
Quiet Zone
February 11, 2011 Bob Lavigna Budget Adjustment Bill
February 7, 2011 Bob Lavigna Employee Benefits Contributions
February 3, 2011 Bob Lavigna Snow Event
January 6, 2011 Steve Lund WREC Status for Academic Staff

2010 Memos

November 22, 2010 Carmen Romero Gonzalez WRS Changes for 2011
- Memo to Employees
August 5, 2010 Martin Cadwallader Final Date of Degree Conferral
August 2, 2010 Lund
H1N1 Pandemic
- Flu Pandemic HR Guidelines Rescinded
July 7, 2010 Carmen Romero Gonzalez General Language Boxes in English, Hmong, Spanish and Tibetan
- General Language Boxes
April 22, 2010 Lund
End-of-Year Furlough Usage
- Furloughs – Provost Memo re End-of-year Usage
April 22, 2010 Lund
Unemployment Compensation Eligibility - Furloughs
- DWD’s Furlough and UI
March 15, 2010 Emuye Asfaw Annual Promotional Review
February 10, 2010 Paul M. De Luca, Provost

Sexual Harassment
- English
- Hmong
- Spanish
- Tibetan