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Request for Authorization to Recruit (RAR)
updated 8/20/08


(APO use only)  For Board of Regents Consideration on:   __________________________________

Submit this request to the Academic Personnel Office. Regent approval is required when proposed salary range exceeds above $310,944 (75% of President's current salary), or when initiating recruitment for a Provost/Vice Chancellor/Dean. (This form must be received by the Academic Personnel Office three weeks before the date of the next Regent's meeting.)

Type of Request: Check appropriate box(es).
Proposed salary exceeds above $310,944
Provost/Vice Chancellor/Dean recruitment
1. Official University Title of Position:
2. Division/College/School - Department/Project:
3. Description of Duties: (Maximum of 8 lines for this field)
4. Recommended Salary Range & Basis: 
5. Source of Funds:
6. New Position   Replacement   If replacement, indicate name and salary of former incumbent:
(name of former incumbent) (salary of former incumbent)
7. Brief justification of Salary Range: (Maximum of 6 lines for this field)
8. Approved by:
______________________________ _________ ____________________________ _________
(Dean/Director) (date) (Chancellor/Vice Chancellor) (date)
9. Authorization to Recruit (Approved)  (Denied) by the Regents/Vice President's Office on   ____________
__________________________________ __________________________
(Signature) (title)