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Position Vacancy ID: 83042

General (Permissive) Transfer and Reinstatement Opportunites are available to all State classified civil service employees who have the ability to demote or reinstate into the stated vacancies. To determine eligibility for a position, please review OSER's Counterpart Pay Range Designations policy bulletin link below. You may also want to review other policy bulletins at OSER by using the OSER Bulletin link. Or, call or email the contact person on each vacancy listing.

Working Title:FAC BLP CUST 1ST
Schedule - Range:03-08

Title Specifications

Job Summary:Under general supervision, provide cleaning and light maintenance, specifically in Bradley Hall/Lakeshore Hall/Phillips Hall. This involves using established cleaning products, equipment, methods and procedures within time allocations to provide and maintain a clean and safe living environment. Provide effective communication. Meet customer service standards by working courteously and cooperatively with residents, conference guests and staff. Follow and complete instructions accurately. Work may involve serving as crew leader for small groups of non-permanent employes.

Provide support and assist as needed in the implementation of plans and procedures in the event of an emergency.

University Housing is an essential services provider and all University Housing employees are part of this commitment to our residents and guests. University Housing is unique from many other state agencies and university departments because we cannot close as our services must be maintained at all times.

Requirements:A Criminal Background Check Will Be Conducted

The application information below is only for applicants eligible to apply as a transfer, reinstatement or demotion candidate. Deadline to indicate interest: 4:30pm March 9, 2012. To indicate interest, contact Kelly at 608-265-0508 or email at

The worker must be able to perform the following physical job demands throughout the workday with or without a reasonable accommodation. A reasonable accommodation is a modification to the job, an employment practice, or the work environment that permits the employee to perform his or her job duties successfully, without causing significant difficulty or disruption in the workplace, or posing a health or safety threat.

CONTINUOUSLY (>67%): Maintain postural balance while standing, walking, and performing job duties; possess ability to see with or without corrective glasses.

FREQUENTLY (34-66%): lift up to 50 lbs from floor to waist level; lift up to 50 lbs from waist to shoulder level; push/pull and carry less than 50 lbs; reach greater than 18 inches horizontally; reach below knee level and reach to shoulder level; ability to stand, walk, stoop, crouch, squat and climb ladders or stairs; possess ability to use hands for power grip and pinch with forearms in various positions.

OCCASIONALLY (6-33%): lift up to 20 lbs above shoulder level; reach above shoulder level; kneel; hear at close and far distances, and communicate with others.

RARELY (0-5%): lift up to 100 lbs from floor to waist level; lift up to 50 lbs above shoulder level; push/pull and carry greater than 50 lbs; sit or crawl.

7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, as assigned. Some mandatory overtime and change of shift hours will be necessary based on operational needs.
Contact Phone:608-265-0508
Contact TTY Phone:608-262-6830
How To Apply:If You Are Interested In This Position, Please Call Or Email The Designated Contact Person For The Division Or Department.
Job Location
 640 ELM DR
 MADISON, WI 53706-1134

If you need to request an accommodation because of a disability you can find information about how to make a request at the following website:

UW-Madison is required by law to request data from applicants for employment in order to monitor its recruitment and selection practices. In order for us to meet this federal reporting requirement, please go to to fill out the Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability Form and the Applicant Self-Identification Form for Protected Veterans. Please reference the Vacancy ID at the top of the announcement when uploading your completed forms. Completing these forms is voluntary and your responses will be kept confidential and is not considered as part of the hiring criteria. 

The University of Wisconsin is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer. 

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