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For Seminar Participants

Joseph F. Kauffman Administrative Development Seminar 2013-14
Goals: Participants will:

The Seminar meets on certain Friday mornings at 21 North Park Street.

Semester I

Session 1 —
Sept 13
Introductions and Orientation
Chuck Read, Mareda Weiss and Margy May
Session 2 —
Sept 27
Mark Bugher, Director, University Research Park
Session 3 —
Oct 11
Katherine C. Lyall, President Emerita, UW System
Session 4 —
Oct 25
Paul DeLuca, Provost
Session 5 —
Nov 8
Darrell Bazzell, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance
Brue Maas, Director, Division of Information Technology
Session 6 —
Nov 22
Michael Knetter, President & CEO, UW Foundation
Martin Cadwallader, Dean of the Graduate School and Vice Chancellor for Research
November 28 – December 1– Thanksgiving Recess
Session 7 —
Dec 6
Paula Bonner, President and CEO, Wisconsin Alumni Association

Semester II

Session 8 —
Jan 10
Rebecca Blank, Chancellor
Carl Gulbrandsen, Managing Director of WARF
Session 9 —
Jan 24
Enrollment Management
Adele Brumfield, Director of Admissions
Susan Fischer, Director of Financial Aid
Scott Owczarek, Registrar
Mark Bradley, Board of Regents
Session 10 —
Feb 7
Sue Riseling, Chief of Police and Associate Vice Chancellor
Session 11 —
Feb 21
Deans Panel
Jeanette Roberts, Dean, School of Pharmacy
Julie Underwood, Dean, School of Education
Session 12 —
Mar 7

Panel on Shared Governance
David Musolf, Secretary of the Faculty Emeritus
Heather Daniels, Secretary of the Academic Staff
Russell Kutz, Chair of the Classified Staff Executive Committee

Mar 15 – 23- Spring Break
Session 13 —
Mar 28
Bill Elvey, Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities Planning and Management
Session 14 —
Apr 11

Office of Human Resources
Bob Lavigna, Director
Steve Lund, Director of Academic Personnel
Mark Walters, Director of Classified Human Resources

Session 15 —
Apr 25
John Wiley, Chancellor Emeritus
Luncheon-Session and luncheon to be held at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery