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Policies, Procedures, Guidelines, Contracts, and Handbooks for Unclassified Employees

Academic Staff Policies and Procedures (ASPP)
UW Madison rules about appointment types, personnel files, grievances, complaints, nonrenewals, layoffs, dismissals, and outside activities for academic staff.

Alcohol and Controlled Substance Testing Policy for Commercial Drivers

Balancing Family and Work: UW-Madison Family-Related Leave Policies for Faculty, Academic Staff and Limited Appointees (PDF)
A guidebook that helps explain an employee's options for dealing with family leave under the University's policies and federal/state laws.

Criminal Background Check Policies and Procedures

Disability Accommodation Policies

Faculty Policies and Procedures (FPP)
UW-Madison rules, roles of committees, appointment types, tenure, rights and responsibilities, nonrenewals, layoffs, dismissal, grievance and complaints for faculty.

Faculty Development Grants

Faculty Sabbatical Leave Program

Federal Family and Medical Leave Act Poster (PDF)
Outlines an employee's rights under the federal law.

Guidelines for Promoting Academic Staff to Indefinite Status

Privileges for UW-Madison Retirees and Emeriti (PDF)

Research-Service Grant Program

Salary Ranges and Minima for Unclassified Staff

The contents in the UW Search Handbook have been moved to the OHR Recruitment Toolkit. Click on this link to be taken to WISELI's search handbook called "Searching for Excellence & Diversity-A Guide for Search Committee Chairs."

Social Security Mismatch Policy Implementation - UW-Madison

TA and PA Collective Bargaining
Contract between the state and the Teaching Assistant's Association covering TAs and PAs. Although this agreement is no longer in force, the university is continuing to use the terms of the contract until final university policies are adopted.  Since the TAA no longer represents TAs and PAs, sections of the contract referring to “union” rights and responsibilities are no longer in effect.

Unclassified Personnel Policies and Procedures
UW-Madison administrative policies and procedures covering, for example, type of appointments, recruiting, interchanges, rate/title changes, sick-leave and vacation policies and leaves of absences.

Unclassified Title Guideline
Definitions and guidelines for assigning titles to unclassified staff.

Wisconsin Family and Medical Leave Act Poster (PDF)
Outlines an employee's rights under the state law.